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Our stylist all charge differently. For pricing, please find individual price/service lists available on the Artist page and click their link.

Buzz Cut

one length all over using clippers

really really short

Clipper & Scissor Cut

clipper work on the sides & back, scissor work on the top

"standard" short hair cut

Scissor Cut

scissor work over the entire head. pixie/barbering length

Short Cut

jaw/chin length. long crop or short bob

Medium Cut

below the jaw/chin but not touching the shoulders yet

Long Cut

touching the shoulders and beyond. if it's passed the chest its probably extra long


when you're committed to a chop, not just a trim. 7cm/3in or more coming off, this is the service for you

Fringe Trim

as it sounds.... just a trim for your fringe


touching up or creating an undercut

Hair Tattoo

add this on to any fresh fade and give yourself a dope design

Clean Up

just the sides and back. clippers or scissors totally up to you

Beard Trim

shaping and tidying up that facial hair

Kids Short

kids under 12

no wash

Kids Long

kids under 12

no wash

Root Touch Up

grey coverage, base shifting or your 6 week maintenance

roots are 2cm or less

Full Colour

grey coverage, base shifting, going a little darker? this is a full coverage service giving you one shade all over

Creative Colour

root application with a toner or other single process colour applied to the ends

Colour Between Foils - Add On

as it sounds....

add some colour between your foils

Toner - Add On

freshen up your washed out colour or brassy highlights. done at the sink or on dry, it's up to the artist

1/4 Head Highlights

15 foils where ever you like 'em. money piece, peak-a-boos blending out your part line, just enough to create interest

1/2 Head Highlights

as it sounds.... give the look of highlights and dimensions over half your head

Full Head Highlights

from hairline to hairline, tons of highlights and dimension.

also good for lowlights


very very fine highlights, packed in to give a soft blended look. don't let the sound fool you.... this is a high impact look

Bleach & Tone Roots

white, platinum, silver, rose gold.... we got you covered. 

this is your 6 week maintenance appointment.


Vivid Toner - Add On

mermaid colour all washed out? feeling less magical?

we got you!

Balayage - Sunkissed

a great intro into the low maintenance life of balayage. soft subtle pieces to give what you've got going on some life

Balayage - High Impact

when you're ready to grab some attention with lots of fresh colour, blonde, brunette, pink, teal. whatever you like.... it's gonna turn heads

Bleach & Tone

all over hair bleaching. white, platinum, silver, rose gold.... we got you covered

Bleach & Vivid Root

mermaids, unicorns, rainbows.... this is your regular service for maintenance

Bleach & Vivid

mermaids, unicorns, rainbows.... this is where you are created. bring some pics, we love pics to get inspired

Colour Correction

removing box colour? super dark and wanna go really light? Really bleached out and want to be darker? this is for you. come in.... lets talk about it first.

Blow Wave Short

wash and style for your short hair

Blow Wave Medium

wash and style for your bob length hair

Blow Wave Long

wash and style for your hair when its passed the shoulders

Curls Only

your hair is clean and dry, and you just want it curled

Hot Tool - Add On

it's been blow waved... now you want some curls or a smooth straight press

Hair Up

some sort of event and you need it curled, pressed and pinned.... we got you

Protein Treatment

quinoa protein, jojoba oil and macadamia oil help to smooth and restructure your dry brittle hair

Moisture Treatment

argon oil and hydrolyzed quinoa help refresh your hairs moisture balance and quench its thirst

B3 - Brazilian Bond Builder

this restructuring treatment can be added to any chemical service. it offers protection from damage and prolongs colour

Colour Refresh Treatment

customized for your hair! give a temporary refresh to your hair in between regular colour appointments

Please know for an accurate quote on pricing, we can only offer a thorough consultation in person. We are happy to provide options and base prices over the phone or via email and social media, however these prices are not 100% accurate.

All pricing listed on our website is base pricing only, and is subject to change based on length, density, complexity of the service and the amount of product used.

Add on services must accompany another service.

For an accurate representation on cost and time, please speak with your stylist directly.

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